Gas Services

Air Separation Unit (ASU)

  • Air Separation Unit (ASU) separates the atmospheric air into three primary components such as Nitrogen, Oxigen and Argon. The ASU will produce high purity Liquified Nitrogen, Oxigen and Argon gases for costumer in diverse manufacturing industries

  • We have a fleet of Cryogenic Storage Tank (VIE), Transport Tank (ISO), Portable Liquid Containers dan Ton Tanks to deliver our customers liquid gas requirement

Industrial Gases & Bulk Liquid

We offers a comprehensive range of industrial gases in liquid or compressed forms to fulfill customers needs. These industriaal gases may by supplied in individual cylinder, pallets or varios sizes of liquid cryogenic tanks, depending on costumers comsumtion an requirement.

Industrial Gases

Bulk Liquid

Specialty Gases & Medical Gases

Specialty gases cover a wide range of products for various application, consisting mainly of High Purity Gases, Costumized Mixed Gases and Standard/ Calibration Gases. We are able to offer comprehensive range of specialty gases to match the specific needs and requirements of individual costumer

Medical Gases, Equipment & Supply System

Gas Plan Services

We has facilities to provide costumized services in the following areas to complement our products :